Deliverable 4.4 Toolset

Report on Risk, Benefit, Impact and Value.

Business Model Canvas (BMC)

The BMC technique can be used in the pragmatic risk assessment method outlined in D4.4 to find risks and then controls for those risks. This in turn makes it possible to estimate the related costs as part of the overall costs of curation. For this purpose a generic BMC based on OAIS is provided to represent a generic Business Model that can be applied to archives, serving as a template that can be instantiated to specific organizations, as the examples of the LNEC and the Portuguese Web Archive.

OAIS Template

This page details the generic BMC for Digital Curation based on the OAIS.

LNEC - Portuguese Civil Engineering Laboratory

This page details the instantiation of the generic BMC to the LNEC.

Portuguese Web Archive

This page details the instantiation of the generic BMC to the Portuguese Web Archive.


The above BMC models were created using Archi, a tool for ArchiMate modelling, and later exported using our BMC-to-HTML plugin for Archi. All the BMCs risks are also available for viewing in the HoliRisk Tool.


A free and open source modelling tool used to create the BMCs.

Download BMC-to-HTML Plug-in

To install and use the plug-in you will need to: 1.Close Archi if it is open; 2.Copy the plug-in to the Archi installation "plugins" folder; 3.Relaunch Archi.

The functionality is then accessible under File> Export> Model to HTML...


HoliRisk is a flexible generic framework to support the steps of risk assessment, which was designed taking in consideration the principles from ISO31000.